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100  millionare dating site

I would deposit a few hundred dollars here and a few hundred dollars there and I was actually pretty good at it. The A-‘s turned into B’s and on rare occasion, the B’s turned into C’s and D’s (and one infamous F).

Sports is what I knew best, and while I was earning a degree in gambling from the University (Officially called probability and statistics), I was also enhancing my handicapping (professional gambling term) skills. Any handicapper will tell you that to do it right, you have to go through mountains of information and follow every game because even the slightest detail can give you the edge you need to make the right decision.

f you’ve read around other personal finance blogs, you can sometimes catch a glimpse into their lives with a sentence here and a sentence there, but the best post I’ve ever read was written by Lazy Man and Money.

One day, for whatever reason, he decided to tell his mother for the first time what he’s been doing for a living.

I don’t look at myself as a degenerate; never have, never will. A big-time sports nut, I convinced my father to deposit 0 into an online gambling account because I knew for a fact the Duke Blue Devils were going to slaughter the Arizona Wildcats in the men’s college basketball championship game.

I’m just a kid who worked himself into a very terrible situation without a visible way out. Duke was favored to win by only three points (which means after you subtract three points from Duke’s final score, the higher score wins the bet) so I put all 0 on it.

DR has been kind enough to allow me this forum to write on a regular basis about most things related to personal finance and now I’ve decided to share with you something that I consider to be my greatest achievement. When most people think of gambling they think of a different class of person.

The term “degenerate” seems to always be attached, and if you started a survey on whether drinking or gambling was a “worse” addiction, you’d have mixed results.

Unfortunately for me, I was right and I felt an adrenaline rush a 16 year old has no business feeling. I graduated high school and attended the University of Miami on a partial scholarship.

My parents really didn’t want me to leave the state of New Jersey but I wanted out, at least temporarily.

It was short but fantastic and it somewhat inspired me to do the same, albeit with what you might consider a more hard-hitting topic.

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