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Aarens dating popup

No Doubt's huge hit, "Don't Speak," is playing for the zillionth time on VH1.

As lead singer Gwen Stefani howls the lyrics, the viewer watches the interplay between band members.

Part of the show's success is no doubt due to its use of so many videos from the '80s.

Thanks to "Pop-Up Video," VH1 viewers now know: The role of Michael Jackson in the Jackson family's 1984 video "Torture" was played by a wax dummy from Madame Tussaud's in London, because the real Jackson didn't show up for the filming.

When MTV debuted in 1981, music videos were often criticized as incoherent because they sped along in a rush of rock music and rapid-fire imagery--sometimes producing sensory overload.

On "Pop-Up Video," viewers read the words on-screen, get the jokes and listen to the song.

The text explains how the video was made, dishes sometimes-salacious details about performers and offers wry cultural commentary related to the performance.More than a gimmick, it's a droll critical examination of the art form.From an evolutionary viewpoint, it is a benchmark of TV viewers' ability to process information.The dreadlocks of Adam Duritz, frontman for Counting Crows, are hair extensions.Each pop of a text box is accompanied by the sound of a bubble gurgling up.

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Music videos have become more sophisticated since their birth, with ever-growing budgets and eye-popping special effects, but "Pop-Up Video" is a major innovation.

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