Aaron dating eckhart mormon

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Aaron dating eckhart mormon

He met writer and director Neil La Bute who took him in a number of his own original plays.

He gained a wide recognition in Steven Soderbergh’s critically acclaimed film called ‘Erin Brockovich’ as George and even received a ‘Golden Globe’ nomination for best actor for his role of Nick Naylor in ‘Thank You For Smoking’. The actor was previously engaged to actress Emily Cline with whom he met during his hoot of ‘In the Company of Men’ but the couple separated in 1998.

“I was raised Mormon,” Holm later told The Daily Beast. My parents are serving in a Mormon mission as mission presidents in South Carolina.

And I was raised with the standards of Mormonism in the church …

His another mainstream breakout was in the year 2008 when she appeared in the blockbuster movie ‘Batman’ as district attorney ‘Harvey Dent’. he has always been reserved about speaking about the relationship between him and his girlfriend.

I’m just not an active Mormon.”But "Jef with one 'F'" isn't the only famous face to have ties to the religion.

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Ryan Gosling, Aaron Eckhart, Chelsea Handler, the Osmond and Hough siblings, Amy Adams and Gladys all count Mormonism as a part of their life at some point or another.