Adam lazzara dating chauntelle who is matt dillon currently dating

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After vocalist Antonio Longo left the group, Reyes convinced Lazzara to switch to vocals.

Since, Lazzara has recorded seven albums with Taking Back Sunday.

Within the next week, Adam had moved to Bellmore with John, and was the full-time bassist.

Adam worked at guitarist Eddie Reyes' father's deli for pay.

In June 2008, only after knowing each other for five months, it was announced that Adam had married Misha Vaagen.

In January 2009, they had their first child together, named Keaton Ari Danger.

While recording their first six track EP, Jesse Lacey left the band to form Brand New with Brian Lane, the drummer of The Rookie Lot.

One month after breaking things off with Du Pree, Lazzara began dating Misha Vaagen, a local bartender who had been a family friend of the Du Prees.In the spring of 2006, Adam met Chauntelle Dupree, guitarist of Eisley, while on tour.They started dating in fall 2006 and became engaged on February 14, 2007.Indeed, dating back at least as far as Frank Sinatra's 1958 magnum opus, , the form of true-to-life artistic expression affectionately known as the breakup album has been a constant and integral subset of the rock and pop catalogs at large for nearly six decades.While he may or may not have been the actual originator of the theory, it was the Greek philosopher Aristotle who first popularized the notion that art is an imitation of life.

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Although the average music listener may or may not be intimately acquainted with the works of the great 4th century figure, they've more than likely witnessed this very life/art connection countless times in actual practice.

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