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Adult dating grit texas

With all due respect—and much is due—to Eastern Buddhist authors whose writings are probably more authentic by virtue of being closer to the source, for those of us who were born in the USA, there is something special about how American Buddhist teachings reach the modern American (expats, too!) by filtering the dharma through the lens of our inimitable popular culture.Here is a list of seven indispensable, accessible, relatively recent American Buddhist books that I highly recommend for meditators and mindful folks of all levels of experience, whether you self-identify as Buddhist or not. by Joseph Goldstein I smuggled this book into my first Vipassana course, because ten days of silence and intense meditation felt like too much to bear without reading and writing a little bit each day, although books and journals are prohibited. It helped alleviate my confusion and served as a salve for my mental woes during those ten days.With a no-nonsense, concise, direct voice, Goldstein addresses many of the issues that come up for meditators of all ages. by Tara Brach At the one class I was able to attend this summer vacation at my all-time favorite yoga studio, Dharma Yoga in Austin, Texas, my teacher held up a copy of this book.Not so with this touching book, published in the early nineties after the death of his wife Treya of breast cancer.

It consists of one long, meandering conversation between actor Jeff Bridges and Jewish Buddhist teacher Bernie Glassman.I read it a couple of years ago and found Tara’s style so therapeutic and helpful.As the title implies, it is all about accepting the situations life brings with openness and compassion.This book is offers thorough explanations of how to accept without being a doormat and includes many useful guided meditations. by Pema Chodron One of Pema’s more recent works, this volume focuses on the Tibetan Buddhist teaching of shenpa and how to get unhooked or unstuck when we find ourselves ruminating and stewing in negativity and fear.I read it as 2011 came to a close, during the fateful week that I happened to spend with a new friend, the man who would eventually father my child and become my husband, at a time in which I needed to unhook from future expectations more than ever.

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It is full of prescient teachings that are well worth reading and re-reading. This one is fantastic though, with lots of useful anecdotes and lovely, practical teachings from mindfulness mogul Jon Kabat-Zinn and his wife Myla, who have raised five children of their own. What other American Buddhist books would you include?