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We are giving the consumer a quality product that they can appreciate, with the most current styles/trends/lifestyle that they can relate to.

Yes there are, we have Swarovski-studded custom denim pieces that we have done for Joe and Mario Winans, and we have also done some selvage denim for some other artists as well.

The Songs of Freedom signature is the music logo embroidery on the left front pocket of the denim, and also it is used on the main labels, etc.

Yes, we are collaborating with many of our “family” members (artists), and we will be coordinating dressing artists for their whole summer/fall tours and concerts, here and abroad.

We understand the men’s streetwear market because we live, breathe, and sleep it.

We can relate to the lifestyle, because we are the lifestyle. We are in NO WAY affiliated or similar in anyway, likeness, or form to Bob Marley and his estate.

It is just purely a coincidence, and the “Songs of Freedom” we are involved in involves an apparel company, and that is all.

Previously there were either cheaper brands with no identity selling the “look”, and there were the higher end premium brands determining their status only by price.

We are also slated to dress many celebrities for their appearances on MTV, BET and many of their projects involving film, print, and radio advertisements. Within next seven days, Charleston, SC will simultaneously host two high-profile trials of white men who killed black people.

Songs of Freedom was conceived when the need in the market was realized for a denim based collection which bridged the gap between music and fashion through our message: “Music and fashion is a part of our everyday lives; It’s a freedom of expression in its purest form.

Songs of Freedom is an outlet of passion for the human soul. Make a statement, because you are what you wear.” Songs of Freedom is driven by a team of individuals who share interest in music and fashion as a lifestyle.

Bob Marley did not trademark the term “songs of freedom”, which we have the trademark for.

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We are not affiliated to reggae music, or anything of the like.