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Right-click any column's header and select Project Settings, or click the Project Settings icon in the Gantt chart header, to enable dependencies and map your columns to the automated functionality.NOTE: With dependencies enabled, each parent row will reflect a summary overview of the child rows (sub-tasks) indented underneath it.If your sheet includes a Gantt chart, the Start and End dates will be used to plot out bars in the chart.

Back to top Each scheduled task requires a Start and End date with month, day, and year.

Clicking the date-picker icon in the cell will ensure that the date is in the correct format.

The values in the project sheet columns listed above are calculated automatically and can't be modified.

Learn more about how these values are calculated in our article on Parent Rollup Functionality.

Note: You can also use the Between operator to filter for a range of values, including the end points.

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NOTE: Formulas aren't allowed in the columns listed above when dependencies are enabled.