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The destination network is routed with the tunnel 1 interface to reach another side SSG through the internet cloud which is bounded to the Phase-II VPN.Here I have configured very simple and basic configuration with minimum requirements to configure site to site IPSEC VPN with one side having static IP address and another side having dynamic IP address or IP assigned by DHCP in Juniper SSG Series devices.I am going to show both way of configuring the SSG with CLI and WEB step by step below.

All the configuration steps here are based on the VPN parameters listed in above table.I have configured the VPN tunnel 1 interface in SSG device. you can bind it in different zone than trust zone as your desire so that I could not add more policies for the user if there is already a policy in basic configurations.The VPN with one side static and another side dynamic IP is a type of site to site IPSEC VPN.In this Example, I have designed and configured Site to site IPSEC VPN in Juniper SSG series on both sides of locations.Here I have configured local-id and peer-id to establish the IPSEC VPN between these two sides having one side static and another side Dynamic IP address.

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The IPSEC VPN Phase-I and Phase-II proposal parameters used here are manually defined so that any parameters can be defined easily by studying the given scenario here.