Campus college dating interracial updating powerbook cd drive

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Campus college dating interracial

Gubbins '94 says he belongs in an advertisement for interracial dating.

At Harvard, he jokes, he has dated "the united colors of Benetton." Gubbins, who is white, is just one of many students who have found love on Harvard's diverse campus with someone who is not of their own race or cultural background. Undergraduates who date students of different races say their families and other members of their ethnic groups can exert pressure to limit relationships to within one's own race.

"You don't feel that people are making judgements." In fact, students say race is similar to other differences in background that are factors in every romance. "The interracial aspect is just another issue and not a reason not to have a relationship," Snodgrass says."Every relationship has issues in it," says Angelina Snodgrass '94, who is half Hispanic And half white and is currently dating Coky T. Students say interracial relationships can carry a social stigma, including director Spike Lee's notion--developed in the movie "If you do date interracially, you worryslightly about [the Jungle Fever Stigma], howpeople may respond in their perception of you,"Gubbins says.While interracial dating remains taboo in many circles, many undergraduates say the College provides an unusually accepting atmosphere in which love can cross color lines."People are not as constrained by those pressures at Harvard," Gubbins say.Interracial dating on American campuses has had a relatively stormy past.

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