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Consolidating towns

Residents have held a visioning session and public hearings to air the proposal.

A merger would save a little money and not affect property taxes much, said Tracey Hartung, Carlton city clerk. The consolidated city would continue to be Carlton, but Thomson would be designated as an official neighborhood and would elect a council member.

Consolidation of local government has often been talked about and encouraged as a way to make services more efficient, but out and out merger doesn’t happen very often.

Carlton, population 862, and Thomson, population 159, just barely do, sharing a boundary for a couple hundred yards where the St. If you’re driving toward Jay Cooke State Park on Highway 210, you leave Carlton and enter Thomson when you cross the river.

The Willard Munger State Trail passes through both towns.

Carlton has pledged to take over administrative duties related to the flooding.

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It already supplies water and ambulance service to Thomson.