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Cornwall cam dating

If the address on your licence is out of date you should still send it with your payment 03 - How long will the penalty points stay on my licence?Penalty points are valid for a period of three years but cannot be removed from your licence until four years have elapsed. If your licence has been stolen you will need to quote a crime reference number.If you were not the driver please complete the relevant section.Please return the notice to the Safety Camera Unit as soon as possible.The fine is £100 and you will also have three penalty points added to your driving licence.Please remember – you will be required to produce your driving licence and it is your responsibility to ensure that it is current and valid.*Please note that payment cannot be made at a Police Station.

The Conditional Offer Unit PO Box 5992 Southend on Sea SS1 9PX Telephone 01702 283860 Payments may be made by debit or credit card using the automated system on 03 Cheques, Postal or Money Orders should be crossed and made payable to 'HMCTS' If you wish to pay in cash this must be sent by Registered Post.

Back to top 04 - My driving licence is at the DVLA / has been lost / has been stolen. If necessary we can suspend prosecution for a short period to allow the licence to be renewed. The fixed penalty amount is set by the Government within the road traffic legislation and is, therefore, not negotiable.


You will then receive a ‘conditional offer’ of a fixed penalty notice – unless your speed is excessive, in which case you will receive a summons from the Magistrate’s Court. This gives you the opportunity of settling the matter without having to go to court.

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