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Cuckold dating tease

The term “cuckold” has a classical definition of a husband to an unfaithful wife.

The term was coined from the Cuckoo bird which lays its eggs in the nests of others and never raises its own young.

To continue gaining perspective on the basic elements of this lifestyle, take the curated tour of articles by the founder.Though the use of labels/titles/definitions is often hotly debated, I have established some definitions within this community that members and visitors should be aware of to communicate effectively while participating here.Inviting another male into the marriage exercises the marital bonds as weights do a muscle – requiring effort, but making them stronger for it.When practiced properly, cuckolding will bring a couple closer together & greatly increase intimacy despite of and also because of the intimacy the wife now shares with another.For most couples, sharing her is a loving way to expand the boundaries of their relationship and safely explore a more natural approach to human sexuality and relationships.

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The image right is an excellent example of a loving, cuckold marriage dynamic. The wife is being touched, reassured and pleased by both her men and in return, is pleasing them both – just in different ways.

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