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Always assume that she is going to arrive looking her very best.It's going to be awkward and uncomfortable for her if she walks in wearing a classy cocktail dress, and you're wearing ripped jeans and a tee-shirt.Hey, this is Dean Cortez I'd like to share several quick ideas to help you with dating Asian women.The bottom line is, you can't approach and flirt with Asian women the same way you'd do it with a non-Asian hottie. This very first point on picking up Asian women might possibly appear a little obvious, but it's particularly necessary for you to convey cleanliness and very good personal hygiene when you're hanging out with Asian girls. They genuinely believe in the adage "cleanliness is next to Godliness." You can tell how much magnitude Asian women of all ages put on personal hygiene just by witnessing the way they take care of their appearance.They won't exit their house without very carefully checking their makeup and hair -- even if they just need to go down the street to buy groceries.(Unlike a lot of Western girls, who will just throw on a baseball cap and pair of sweatpants.) So whenever you're dating Asian women -- or on a mission to pick up Asian girls -- you absolutely must look clean, well-groomed and presentable.If you know their history or you have read chapters 1 and 2 of this book, then you will understand the Asian dating tips below easily. During dating, many Asian ladies are still a little coy and would like to be chased by men rather than initiating moves. People’s salary, age and health are not treated as private matters and can be asked about. Chinese Ladies who have divorced or widowed, with or without children, have difficulties in finding a husband again in China .

If you're going out on a date with an Asian girl, this is definitely true.

Abstract from Chinese Women in Love and Marriage written by Dawn Xiao Yan Li To help you to learn and adjust to Asian and Chinese cultures, I have listed the following cultural tips that are related to dating and marriage.

Asian and Chinese cultures are the products of their history.

With these ladies, you must "dress to impress." ** Bonus tip: If you have been wearing facial hair, you should strongly consider getting rid of it. Women (not just Asian women) almost universally agree that they prefer clean-shaven men.

It could be that she has had no chance to practice. Please give her a chance to learn the Western way on timing and booking. In a date, men are expected to pay for dinners, shows, and other expenses. Chinese ladies show their feelings in an elegant and indirect way. Asking about people’s health and looking after him/her when he/she is unwell is one of the important ways to show your concern and love to him/her.

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Sharing the cost is too advanced a manner for her during dating. Most Asian and Chinese ladies can not drink alcohol, therefore for either social occasions or for a date, going out for dinner is strongly recommended instead of going out for a drink. Most Chinese ladies are too shy to say “I love you”. They may love you very much, but not telling you or showing it on the surface. Most Asian and Chinese ladies show their love by looking after you, e.g. It doesn’t mean that she wants to control your life. If your girlfriend helps you to tidy up your room on her visit or look after you when you are sick, it means that she likes/loves you and wants to do something for you.

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