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Adopting an abandoned pet or farm animal is a wonderful way to give that animal a new life in a loving family. Phone: (08) 8947 1272 Contact: [email protected]: Back to top About: Animal Rescue QLD Inc (ARQ) is a registered charity that was started as a result of the flood affected animals in SEQ in January 2011.

We soon discovered that the existing shelters and rescue organisations in SEQ were overwhelmed with animals yet there were still people wanting to help and still many, many animals to help.

The lucky ones end up at animal shelters that provide them with the food, love and veterinary attention they need to get back on their feet. We also aim to education the community on animal issues such as the importance of desexing your pet and this is achieved through school excursions and advertising campaigns.

ARQ is a 100% no kill organisation and we will do everything in our power to save as many animals as we can.

We also work very hard to re-home these animals into new, suitable forever homes where they will be loved and cherished for the rest of their lives.

Phone: (07) 4926 8616 Email: [email protected]: About: 4 Paws Animal Rescue provides refuge for homeless dogs and cats on the Sunshine Coast.

We are a non profit organisation and most of our animals come from council pounds; some are surrendered or abandoned, others are saved from cruel living conditions - often abused and neglected.

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It is our mission to educate the public about the true Greyhound personality and to alleviate misconceptions that many still have of this wonderful, gentle, majestic breed.