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An archaeological site, dating from the 17th century consisting of complex stone walling forms a link with the museum.Traditional cultural aspects have been revived and are demonstrated to visitors.Her story was told in a novel by Sir Rider Haggard and the novel was named 'She'.She was loved and feared far beyond the boundaries of her small kingdom and, according to legend, many great kings have left her nation untouched and often called on her unique powers.The building is from the beautiful Late Victorian style and was restored to its original splendor in 1986 when it was declared as a museum. Works from well known artists and sculptors like Naria Mabasa, Danie de Jager, Jackson Hlungwane, Hennie Potgieter and John Baloyi, to name a few, are on exhibition Enchanting myths, legends and culture found its home here in the place where this mysterious and magical woman's ancestors finally settled.Modjadji is a direct descendant of Monomotapa who was the ruler of the Karanga people in Zimbabwe in the 15th century.The Polokwane Museum was built in 1906 by Moschke, a German immigrant and in 1920 he sold the museum to JA Jones.

The name of the museum is derived as follows; Bakone - is the name of a local ethnic group / Malapa - means homestead.

The Museum concentrates on the traditional way of life of the Northern Sotho People.

After a scandal in the royal house, his daughter (Princess Dzugugnini) and her son fled to the south.

She took potions and other secrets for making rain with her.

These unique powers were passed on through generations.

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