Dating tips eye contact

Posted by / 05-Nov-2015 05:23

The wrong display can leave you frustrated as to why your interactions are cold and detached.

While the right display can captivate people with your presence and have women feeling flustered all over. If you want to be inviting, you have to display “softer” eye contact.

And relaxed does not mean uninterested or unfocused.

For example: receiving great news, accomplishing something, spending time with good company, or snuggling with your pet.

Tense, narrow eyes typically occur when we feel “negative” emotions.

That includes fear, anxiety, anger, stress, and insecurity.

They also appear when you’re focusing intensely on something (like studying or playing a first person shooter).

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Doing this prevents you from showing a variety of positive emotions which then makes people perceive you as unfriendly.

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