Dating vidoes on youtube dating etiquette for teenage girls

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Dating vidoes on youtube

Sure, there’s Spotify and Pandora, but when you need a song in a pinch, it doesn’t get much easier than You Tube.Most of the top You Tube videos are pop hits that are popular with younger generations, who would be even more likely to avoid paying to download music.In truth, it does make sense that the top most viewed You Tube videos are music videos.It’s a common practice to use You Tube as a free computer DJ, rather than pay to download hit songs.You Tube has become a regular staple of Internet culture, amassing over 4 billion views each day and ranked 3rd most popular website on the Internet.Despite You Tube’s overwhelming presence across the web, strategies for becoming a top viewed video continue to baffle many small businesses.Skip ahead to a top 25 youtube video artists: Let’s talk about the top You Tube videos that have racked up the most views and what we can attribute their success to, with special attention focused on the pop summer hit “Call Me Maybe” and the recent worldwide phenomenon “Gangnam Style.” 1.

These videos are only being used for the audio component.In some sense, it seems almost unjust to mark these videos as “most viewed” because in reality most probably are not being viewed at all.A recent You Tube trends blog post compared Psy’s “Gangnam Style” to “Call Me Maybe,” as both have obtained immense popularity over the summer of 2012.Remarkably, “Gangnam Style” recently surpassed Carly Rae Jepsen’s pop sensation in just a few months, reaching over 300 million views since July 15.As You Tube blogger Kevin Allocca notes, the popularity of “Call Me Maybe” has grown at a steady clip over the past six months, while Psy’s hit “Gangnam Style” exploded over a shorter period, with a much steeper curve.

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