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Directyourdating com

Maybe you just want to know if she is even into you; maybe you, like most men, just need a good wingman (or so you might think).

About a week later, there was no word from Niall he has never been this mad at you. Liam has seen Niall a lot due to their job and they were surprisingly talking and getting along, that hurt you because Niall had shut you out. So, I’m going to be the bigger person and give you guys my blessing. actually, I’ve liked Harry for a while now Z.” you said nervously. Louis (Niall): It wasn’t a secret that you and Niall liked each other. You avoided everyone for the rest of the day until Niall came and found you. I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” he said with a big smile on his face. “C'mon (y/n), we tell each other everything.” “Well maybe that’s what’s wrong… “He basically said he sees that our relationship is changing and doesn’t want us to be anything other than friends.” you said without looking at him. Harry (Zayn): It was truth or dare night with the One Direction boys and you knew this time was going to be different because Louis had recently found out your crush on Zayn.“Let’s get started! He asked Harry a question and you guys all took turns, finally it was Louis’ turn to ask a question “(y/n), truth or dare? You ran to you brother and thanked him so many times.

I’ll prove to him that we’re perfect for each other and he will come around.” Liam said and pulled you into a hug. This past week I kept telling myself that I had to keep you safe but if there was any guy I would want you to be with it would be Liam. There was a little bit of tension between the two of you. Eventually you guys made it official and Zayn was fine with as long as both of you were happy. I’m just saying you better stay away from Niall.” he said and walked away equally angry. He took you on a date that weekend and it was incredible, it was better than any other first date because you guys already knew each other so well. And one last thing, make each other happy.” he said with a smile.

A/N: So the request was “You like one of the boys in the band, who likes you back. Recently we had been flirting a lot and sending messages back and forth. Let’s just say your first official date with Liam was wonderful and you were happy that Niall accepted your relationship. Our relationship is much more important than the non-existent one with Harry.” you said, looking up at him. Zayn just gave him a pat on the back and let you guys alone. If you guys want to be together than so be it.” he said and walked away. “Thank gosh he came around.” you said as you pulled away. Now let me take you on a proper date.” Louis said as he grabbed your hand, led you out of your house and off to your first date.

And your brother finds out and is mad but later hooks you guys up.” that would’ve been a long title. So you know the routine, send me feedback and requests. Niall (Liam): “What do you mean you guys want to be together?! We finally decided to tell Niall, my brother, that we wanted to be together and boy was he mad. I really like (y/n) and she likes me too.” Liam said. Zayn (Harry): Harry had just told Zayn his feelings for you, while you were visiting the your brother at the studio. WHAT MAKES THINK IT’S OKAY TO LIKE MY LITTLE SISTER. He was staring off the balcony and he looked like he was in deep thought. But to be honest, it’s up to you who you want to be with,” he said and finally looked up at you. I will have a talk with him though.” he finished and gave you a hug. It definately took Liam some time to get used to your relationship but you guys kept your promise to him by keeping each other happy.

Since most of your male peers are having the same issues, maybe a wing “man” just won’t cut it.

If you are like 99.9% of guys, you are hopelessly lost when it comes to reading the other half of the population’s thoughts and body language.

Just give me a chance to prove that I can be everything she needs.” Zayn said out of nowhere. You guys ended up talking outside for hours and he even asked you on a date.

You looked up and saw Harry storm out of the room, you ended up just walking outside, away from everyone, and you started to cry. Liam (Louis): You and Louis had just told Liam about your feelings for one another and had blown up on both of you.

Zayn is a good guy but if it ever comes to you guys being in a relationship and possibly going through a break up, I feel like I would have to chose between the two of the most important people in my life.” “Harry.. You were surprised at all that was happening, you looked at Zayn and then back at your brother. Thanks to Louis’ big mouth everything worked out fine.

“Niall, you have to accept that if we really want to be together we are going to be together. And you of all people should know how good of a guys Liam is.” “I know. You went on a date that weekend and had a lot of fun. You both got up and kept talking like you normally do. After another hour Liam came storming back into the house which made you and Louis both jump out of your seats. I’m going to accept this on one condition.” Liam said and you both nodded, waiting for him to continue talking.“Louis you better not hurt her or I swear I will kill you. I don’t really know but no lovey dovey shit around me.

I was only being nice to Liam because I didn’t want the other boys to know whats going on.” he said, ashamed of the way he had been treating you. “Maybe we can go out on a date this weekend.” he suggested. Both of you walked back to the studio, talking about random things until you got there. It was about 5 minutes until you heard someone come outside, you were hoping it wasn’t Harry or Zayn. Liam had paced the room, yelled at both of you, and stormed out of your house. You guys didn’t know what to do, so you sat on the couch and just waited in silence.

You didn’t know who it was because the only other person with a key was Niall, but you didn’t think it was him. “Hey sis.” Niall said walking into the living room. ” you asked sitting up.“I came to visit my favorite person in the world.” he said and sat next to you. You smiled widely at his words, jumped up, and gave him a big hug. .” Niall told you and you ran out into Liam’s arms. You guys ended up outside, he started to smoke a cigarette, and no words were exchanged for about 5 minutes. If you really don’t want me to be with him then I won’t. “Love you too.” You guys started to walk inside and you guys ran into Harry. “(y/n), I know that you and Niall like each other but I honesty don’t want it to become anything more.” Louis said to you one day while you were visiting him. “I’m sorry you were right when you said that I had no right to tell you who you can or cannot be in a relationship with. “Truth.” you said, already knew what he was going to ask, “Out all of us, other than Harry of course, who do you like? ” All eyes were on you and Harry looked very curious as well as angry. You ran into Louis’ arms and stayed that way for quite some time.

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