Dreamboy kpop dating sim game cheats

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How to stay out of Trouble (Fighting and choosing)6.

I'm not going to give away what happens next, you have to play the game to find that out! How to Become Friends Ok, after the pretty but bewildering intro, you will be taken to Seoul where you have to choose one "idol" and vow to pursue him for as long as it takes. So you go on your first date with your idol and your so excited, but whats this? Before your second date (if the enemy hasn't arrived at your first date) go buy potion. So you go on your next date and just when you think you've had another successful date, the enemy appears!

This can be very annoying (trust me) and you may feel like you can never play. What you want to do is avoid the long surveys that take you from survey to survey. Try the Facebook theme one if it's available or a credit score one.

All you have to do to become friends is keep showing up to see your "idol" then leave. But the more questions he answers the closer friends you'll have. When you get there, he asks you all kinds of questions about himself! Your Hp is on the far left and theirs is in red in the black box.You'll know how close you are by the experience points in the top right corner of the idol center. Like where was he born, or what does he weigh, etc. How to Stay Out of Trouble So your first date was awesome! You have to click the bar when it is in the green area to deal damage.You can also go to the pub to practice fighting and earn 0 if you win! That's right the dreaded high school plays a big role in this game. Kim Dong Wan Kim Heechul Kim Kibum Kim Sae Hee Kim Young Min Korea K Pop K Pop K Pop K. Y Kyuhyun Kyuteuk Lady Hee Hee Lee Donghae Lee Min Jung Lee Sena Leeteuk Leetuek Let's Learn About... My Lady Paris Performance Photo Photos Playlists Proposal Psy Radio Show Red Carpet Red Heels Review Robots Ryeowook Saphire Blue Seoul Music Awards Seugri Sexy Sexy Free And Single Shindong Shin Dong Shinee Shinhwa Shin So Yul Singapore Sistar Siwon Siwon Choi SJ M Sm Entertainment Sm Town Sm Town In South America Snsd Son Eun Seo Son Ye Jin Soundtrack Spain Spy Strong Heart Stuff Suju Couples Suju In...You will have some tests during the game, study for both when they ask. If you fail you lose relationship points from your idol. If you know the background of every Suju member, hate that there are not 13 of them anymore, have every album and know every song and follow them on the news, Then guess what!?!?! Look Alike Lyrics Macau Malaysia Mcjunior Military Military Service Mnet Motivational Playlist Mr. Suju Siblings Suju Talk Sukira Sungmin Super 7 Super Junior Super Junior M Super Junior M Super Show 3 Super Show 3 Dates Super Show 4 Super Summer Suzy Taiwan T Ara Thailand The Grace The Summer Before College Tokyo Track And Field Championship Twitter Twitter Update Twitter Updates Ufo University Video Videos Vietnam Vote Wallpaper We Got Married Weibo Where Is Suju?When you reach 350 you'll be friends with him You gain this by showing up often and asking him his name. You have to answer all of these right in order to boost his mood. The trick is speed, never let the enemy get hits on you.

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