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Drupaldating com

There are certainly good reasons for Syngenta investors to be pleased by this £30bn shakedown by the Chinese.They will receive a handsome premium for their shares and initial indications suggest that the new owners, Chem China, intend to keep the company reasonably intact, unlike the previous suitor Monsanto.Like many state Chinese companies, the finances are shrouded in mystery, governance is virtually non-existent and the real source of command and control unknown.There is a bit of an object lesson in the Syngenta saga for those investors advocating the break-up of Glaxo Smith Kline – diversification of activities across several fronts makes for stronger rather than weaker enterprises.That might provide some comfort to Chancellor George Osborne amid fears that China’s one-third role in the financing package for new nuclear at Hinkley Point might be compromised by hesitation at EDF in France.Syngenta has big R&D interests and holds valuable patents and expertise.

In 1993, after receiving the unwanted attentions of Lord Hanson, ICI split off Zeneca, and much of the seeds and fertiliser activities went with it.Subsequently, this bit of what became Astra Zeneca was merged with similar activities at Novartis to create Syngenta.Allowing the Chinese a short-cut to the intellectual property involved, the result of decades of work by scientists trained at European universities, is not necessarily the best way of preserving competitiveness.It is also worth noting that over the medium term there can be no guarantees as to what kind of owner Chem China will be.This was a point well-made by long-serving chief executive Sir Andrew Witty, who thinks that the UK drugs firm needs at least another couple of years to bring its consumer healthcare unit, with brands ranging from Horlicks to Panadol, into better shape.

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What is really encouraging for GSK investors (including this writer) is that as income from blockbuster Advair drops away there are some good signs of growth from new lung compounds Breo and Anoro as well as its HIV drugs Tivicay and Triumeq.

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