Dynamic distribution group not updating

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Dynamic distribution group not updating

Providing you pay attention to your directory and maintain the properties typically used for queries (department, office, country, and the set of custom attributes), dynamic groups are very useful.

Recipient Filter : The Recipient Filter parameter filters the mail-enabled recipients used to build the dynamic distribution group.

[...] The Recipient Filter parameter uses OPath syntax to query Active Directory and filter recipients.

I was very happy when Microsoft announced the preview of dynamic Office 365 Groups because I saw this as another step along the road of being able to move away from old-style email distribution groups.

But over the last week or so the penny dropped (no pun intended) that using dynamic groups incurred a substantial fee for Azure Active Directory Premium licenses.

By default on “Microsoft Exchange 2010” server, “All Groups” default address list contains only static distribution groups.

That might be misleading for some users: in default “Global Address List” (GAL) user sees more groups then he does when selecting “All groups” because dynamic distribution groups aren’t listed here.

Dynamic distribution groups have been used since Exchange 2003 (when they were called Query-Based Groups or QBGs), so the concept is well understood.A query against a directory is associated with a group and whenever an application needs the membership of the group, the query is resolved against the directory and the current set of members is revealed.Basically, if I send an email to [email protected], all the people in group 1 will receive the email.Although, if I add a user into AD, I want the distribution list to automatically update itself with the right group of users.Not a problem if you've already coughed up, but certainly a big issue if you imagined that this is the kind of feature that should be included in Office 365 enterprise plans.

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Microsoft has time to fix the issue before dynamic Office 365 Groups become generally available. The law of unintended consequences erupted in full force after Microsoft announced their joy at being able to deliver dynamic Office 365 Groups in December.

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