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The transgender community seems to absorb the brunt of the backlash, though.

Some have attributed this to parts of the movement’s attempt to mainstream queerness by playing an exaggerated form of respectability politics.

There’s a fear that if LGBTQIA+ people don’t look and sound like everyone else, that we’ll be rejected for being too “different” to be palatable to the public.

Trans women have relinquished masculinity, showing that it can be, and that is, very threatening to a man who wants to see his power as an intrinsic feature of who he is.” of “embracing this new push to make gay men and lesbians straight by leading them to endure painful physical body manipulation and dangerous hormonal injections to take on the topography of the conventional definition of what is male and what is female.”Similarly, during the debate on whether to include gender identity in the language of the Federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) in 2007, bill sponsor and gay Democratic Representative Barney Frank was asked about whether he would support inclusion., many of whom initially identified as lesbians, are often still accepted (or revered) in queer women’s spaces.

One queer woman recently described the spectacle of a trans man holding court to an adoring crowd at a lesbian bar.

The problem, though, is that femmephobia is alive and well within every facet of the LGBTQIA+ community – and it negatively affects each and every one of them.

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While the LGBTQIA+ community is quick to jump on religions that tell gay men they can only be loved if they stop being gay, it’s no less damaging to be told by your own that no one will ever love you if you aren’t straight-passing.