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She's definitely not comfortable with just straight up "Netflix n chill" without a little of that, I figure. My reward for this, naturally, is that the other night I get hit up with the "well I like you a lot where is this going" text.

But because she's fairly introverted I've had to carry the weight of the conversations quite a bit, and so of course being the kind of emotional guy I am, from time to time it's turned to thoughts about the future, life philosophy, hopes and dreams, and so on. Two weeks is definitely too soon for this sort of thing, so I'm wondering how to play it going forward.

Period, basically, every chapter is bursting with tons of quality sex without complications ^^ Graphically, this is extremely good, the girls are seriously hot, a bit meaty, with large breasts, welcoming bodies, triumphing smiles, making the V sign, and ecstatic faces.

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I haven't really been treating her like a girlfriend; we haven't been going on real "dates" and out to dinner and movies and shit - just maybe grab some takeout or stop by an ice cream shop to chat for a while and then off to one of our places to bang.

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