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Hepatitis c dating site

But take comfort from the fact that people may not be as hostile as you expect.Of course, whom you tell about your hepatitis C is up to you, but there are some people who really should know.Only 12% said that "people like themselves" didn't get hepatitis C.Obviously, plenty of people with hepatitis C do experience stigma, and plenty of uninfected people have wrong ideas about the disease.The survey found that about 74% of the people infected with hepatitis C believe that others think the disease only infects unhealthy people or drug addicts.However, when uninfected people were asked, it turned out that only 30% had this impression.

"It can be really hard." You may avoid talking to friends or family about the disease because you're worried about how they'll react.

And public perceptions of people with hepatitis C may be more sympathetic than you think.

The American Gastrointestinal Association conducted a survey of public understanding of hepatitis C, questioning about 500 people with the disease and about 1,230 people without it.

People with hepatitis C are often anxious about how other people view them.

In reality, hepatitis C is a disease that infects all sorts of people from all sorts of socioeconomic backgrounds.

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You should tell your family, your spouse, your sexual partners, and anyone else who might have caught the disease from you.