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CLAIRE FROM CATHOLIC SINGLES DATING SITES WAS KIND ENOUGH TO WRITE FOR ME A GUEST POST ON THE SUBJECT OF BAD DATES, AND IT IS APPROPRIATE FOR ME TO PUBLISH THE POST TODAY, WHICH IS OF COURSE SAINT VALENTINE'S DAY."If you're single and in the process of dating, you might have enough bad dates under your belt to write a horror story - or maybe even a series," the article reads.This information has been compiled from sources which we, the Expat Web Site Association and volunteers related to this site, believe to be reliable.While reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the facts are accurate and up-to-date, opinions and commentary are fair and reasonable, we accept no responsibility for them.The information contained does not make any recommendation upon which you can rely without further personal consideration and is not an offer or a solicitation to buy any products or services from us.Opinions and statements constitute the judgment of the contributors to this web site at the time the information was written and may change without notice.Often I won't even check what they look like."Other reactions included: "I'm fine with dogs in pictures, mainly because I have my own dog in mine, and it's a good talking point.may not be retransmitted or reproduced in any form without permission.

but when they do, there's no doubt that they leave you feeling awkward, disappointed and maybe even questioning the entire human race as you swear never to go on another date again.

Dolly's reaction: "I normally just take a screenshot for my collection and move on.

However, it is very hard to swipe left when you get to a man cuddling a kitten or on the sofa with his dog.

So the next time that you're on a date that would be described just about as far away from 'good' as possible, be sure to keep the following tips in mind for dealing with it..." (For the full story, click here.) PRESTER John writes on Expat Rockstar: "A common question on expat blogs and websites across south-east Asia is 'where to meet girls from outside the bar and club scene?

When we first heard about Tinder back in 2012, we were sceptical. "Nearly every single friend of mine uses it," says Dolly Alderton, a GQ contributor and Tinder user. It's like Tinder has broken the final taboo of online dating and made it entirely accessible and commonplace." The profile picture: A rare variety of the more commonplace "guy with cute animal", you can pretty much swap tiger for any dangerous or exotic creature, including sharks, snakes, spiders and particularly rabid-looking dogs.

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Essentially a more inclusive take on location-based hook up apps like Grindr, the app promised the holy grail of quick and easy dates in your local area - but would women really use it? What you think it says: I'm a cat person - and women love cats!

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