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Then you’re ready to hear what premieres October 16 on NBC, which bills the show as, “A new comedy about two diverse couples for whom no topic is off-limits.” (Catchy, isn't it?

) Mitch is white (although the actor who plays him, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, is half Asian), and is married to Tracy (Vanessa Lachey), who is of Filipino and Caucasian heritage.

One of TV’s first and most memorable interethnic couples was, of course, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz on (1951-1957). “CBS and its sponsor, Philip Morris cigarettes, were adamantly opposed to this.

They said that the American public would not accept Desi as the husband of a red-blooded American girl.” Kathleen Brady, one of Ball’s biographers, told NPR in February 2014.

A whole sitcom built around the idea that when two people of different races or ethnicities are in a couple, cringe-worthy moments are bound to ensue?

There have certainly been interracial and interethnic couples on television in the past, but not shows that specifically focused on the complexities of these relationships.

Their best friends, Russell (Tone Bell) and Angie (Bresha Webb), are Black.

Did that last statement just make you uncomfortable — perhaps even cause you to cringe a little?There are three subjects one is supposed to avoid when making conversation in polite company: politics, religion, and money.This list can be expanded to include sex, bodily functions, and the appearances of others (“Has she had work done? ”) when the company you're keeping is even more unfamiliar and refined.Among your true friends, however, there’s supposed to be a circle of trust.You’re supposed to be able to discuss life’s more crass, indecent, and politically incorrect topics.

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