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Islamic dating traditions

As for the left hand – that’s generally relegated to bathroom use. Many aspects of our culture is derived from the Quran.

Many people wont recognize Muslim culture, even though they see it almost every single day. Every time you see a news story about Muslims in any part of the world, you are seeing some aspect of Muslim culture. Even though we speak hundreds of different languages.

Even though there are over a billion Muslims throughout the world.

But in most Muslim countries, the men don’t shave their beards off.

Now here’s one aspect of Muslim culture which you would probably never see unless you happen to be Muslim also. Even left-handed Muslims eat with their right hand.

Many of these similarities are present in most, if not all, Muslim societies.

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Even though we live in dozens of different countries. This culture is embedded in our common beliefs that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is His messenger.

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