Jeff lewis dating

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Jeff lewis dating

He would teach her bad words, which ended up being a hilarious experience for the viewers.Since he started dating Gage, the two haven’t had any children in their home, except Jenni Pulos’ daughter, Alianna.Even though Lewis doesn’t film with Alianna, it is clear that they do hang out based on Jenni’s Instagram account.And she believes that both Edward and Jeff Lewis will be great parents once their baby girl arrives in September.Jeff Lewis announced earlier this summer that he was expecting his first child via a surrogate.

On report, Jeff Lewis was surprised and shocked when he and Gage went to the doctor’s office for an ultrasound.

This was the first time that they had seen the baby after getting a positive pregnancy test, and they were very excited.

about her boss becoming a father for the first time, according to Bravo.

“I think one may end up being more the disciplinarian, one may be a little more of the fun, but they both are amazing with Alianna, and she both loves them.

The two have talked about having children before, but the adoption process didn’t work out for them.

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The surrogacy route is something they just started exploring late last year, and it sounds like things happened rather fast.