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Laser code dating equipment

Our fiber laser marking systems now offer direct Ethernet/IP communication, eliminating the need for custom programming.

Universal models: 10w • 20w • 30w • 50w • 100w Tiburon’s ultra-short pulses deliver three times the peak power of conventional fiber lasers.

MECCO lasers offer Ether Mark technology, a native Ether Net/IP communication package which enables much faster initial deployment, simpler maintenance and fewer potential points of failure in communication.Laser marking machines are used in a dynamic, highly adaptable process for high-speed character, logo, graphic, bar code and 2D Data Matrix marking.Laser engraving or marking is highly readable and leaves a permanent mark that enables effective traceability and is capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions.Metal surfaces vaporize more quickly and plastics absorb energy more easily, creating brighter marks with almost zero debris.Higher peak energy removes paint, anodization, and oxide 25 to 50 percent faster while brightening the base material significantly.

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The laser coder burns lines and graphics into the coating to create a visual contrast (see video).

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