Married dating florida christian dating after divorce tips

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Married dating florida

A 68-year old man from Miami’s Golden Beach neighborhood has reportedly had a ‘terrible shock’ after discovering his new bride, a 24-year old woman from Jacksonville, is actually his own biological granddaughter.

Life was good for a while, he says, but he told reporters being single again made him lonely and yearn for companionship.“The only people who wanted to see me were my ex-wife and kids, and they were always asking for money.”In 2015, the man decided that it was time to try and find a new wife, and he set about searching for a suitable partner.However, in 2011 the 68-year old received an abrupt change of fortune after a Powerball syndicate he was involved in won a jackpot prize.With this unexpected windfall, which totalled ‘several million dollars’, he was able to move from his small apartment into a waterfront property in Golden Beach.As he browsed the images, he came across the profile of the 24-year old woman he would later marry, without knowing that she was his own granddaughter.“I just felt something strange when I saw her photos,” he told reporters.

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