Matt elrod andrea boehlke dating

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Matt elrod andrea boehlke dating

I mean the guy just got back after making a heroic effort that even Boston Rob should have appreciated, so couldn't he give Matt a pass for a couple of weeks?There were plenty of others he could have set his sights on, in particular Mike and Steve Wright on Zapatera, and let poor Matt rest for a half second.And wasn't it God who gave Matt the fortitude to win six challenges in a row and perhaps wreak biblical vengeance on Boston Rob in the manner wrought in the Old Testament?So, it wasn't logical at all, and it was also very telling of Boston Rob that he is such a smarmy, self-righteous soul, who, instead of appreciating Matt's honesty -- having come to him with a confession of what he might have done -- and rewarding this as an act of loyalty and solidarity, he decided that the mere act of thinking of going against him was the height of arrogance and he decided then and there to get rid of Matt.

Why God would consider it disloyal of him to switch sides?

And if God was the great puppet master, wasn't it he/she who put the idea into Boston Rob's head?

series, but I occasionally chime in on the finales, as I did a year and a half ago to blast Russell Hantz' utter lack of class and to cheer on Jud "Fabio" Birza's unexpected victory this past December.

Okay, I wasn't thrilled about his penchant to pontificate about religion, but the guy generally seemed amiable and smart, and he was adept at physical challenges.

It seemed clever, legitimate and perfectly moral -- even by And then, for some God forsaken reason, and I use God in its fullest context, Matt decided to come clean to Boston Rob -- the person who'd orchestrated the vote that sent him to Redemption Island -- and tell him of his flirtation with the other tribe, but that apparently God wouldn't want him to do that.

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