Online dating enjoying a boom among boomers

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Online dating enjoying a boom among boomers

According to the American Association of Retired People, there are an estimated 85 million baby boomers in North America, and 30 percent of the boomer population is single. What a great way to meet people and learn at the same time.And lastly, I find that spending time with younger people also helps me to keep a youthful attitude. There’s no denying that the frenetic pace that work and society demands can add undue pressures on a person, but ever wonder how it can affect your dating life? Sometimes I’m feeling lonely and disconnected from life but that’s okay because I can change that by joining a group of people who share a common interest. My girlfriend, who has jumped into online dating has also joined a meetup group that hikes and just the other day she met a woman who travels with groups that hike. Speaking of travel, there is the Road Scholar program The good news for prime singles is that they’re not alone. You can sign up for these travel excursions as a single.On another note, this will be my last “official” Baby Boomer Online dating blog as I have completed my social media marketing class. I never thought I would be good at blogging or even enjoy it but turns out I love blogging. If I focus on what is going wrong with my body rather than what is right I start acting like I’ve got one foot in the grave. Observes single-living lifestyle expert, Sherri Langburt: “Singles in the fifty plus set are more active and vibrant than ever before and are seeking companions who share that sense of adventure and spirit.” So what does this mean to us Baby Boomers? Yes, my back and feet may hurt but that’s because I dance 3 nights a week.So what does this have to do with online dating you may ask. I came across another dating site they have a wealth of articles, one which relates to this topic. Looking young may be one thing, but feeling and acting it is an entirely different issue. Sometimes, I’m tired of doing school work but that’s okay because I chose to expand my knowledge and keep my memory sharp by taking a class.

I don’t let it keep me down and a large part of it is my attitude.

So look for more blogs on different subjects in the future.

Those in their 20s and 30s might want to be careful next time they go looking for love online – they might run into their parents.

Older people are the among the fastest-growing age groups using online dating services, a study has revealed.

We’ve all heard these phrases “Sixty is the new fifty and fifty the new forty,” and so on.

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I’m fifty-seven and some days my body feels like I’m eighty.