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At its core, Web RTC provides simple APIs that: What all this means is that application developers can easily pass real-time data between clients without the need for complex filtering and routing of that data.As such, these large Enterprises have very unique problems that need to be solved in creative new ways.Unfortunately for Enterprise software giants like Oracle, IBM and SAP, the real-time world moves too fast for traditional Entperise software consulting.As the final lifecycle component for a successful OSP, we see large traditional Enterprises the last to adopt, exploiting the learnings from their more agile, increasingly successful competitors.

It is no surprise that we see many of the most innovative open source projects (OSPs) incubated within large 'millenial' Enterprises.Giants like Google and Facebook have an unprecedented production volume that cannot be easily replicated.Web RTC facilitates peer-to-peer communication across the web, like audio, chat and video.Most importantly, it's plugin free, so no need to download Skype or Flash.Our young giants like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter and Etsy must fend for themselves and innovate internally.


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