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The special focus group software also permits use of visual stimulus material, e.g. The software also records participants separately (audio and video) so that participants can be observed individually after the group.

In contrast to phone interviews, Webcam Interviews have the advantage that the interviewer can use visual contact and eye contact to establish a more personal relationship with the respondent.

The software also supports screen sharing, making it possible to share test materials with the respondent, such as concepts ad materials etc to be tested, and to discuss these further in the interview.

Digital consumers are very much at home with using new communication and chat media for personal exchanges.

Skype, Face Time, Whats App and Snapchat have established themselves on a broad front, not only among young people but also among the older generations.

A small group of 4-6 people are connected by video chat and participate in a moderated discussion process, just as in a classic focus group.

For psychological research, this creates the basis for achieving a psychologically challenging depth of discussion, not only in direct personal contact,face to face, but also in digital communication via webcam, audio chat or text chat.

concept m uses the following digital exploration procedures for choice.

For example, part 1 of the interview in the first week, after which the respondent has homework, part 2 of the interview with discussion of the homework in the following week.

Benefits at a glance + High degree of flexibility, avoiding travel time and costs + Visual contact makes possible personal contact + Inclusion of test materials and visual materials through screen sharing + Possibility of increased depth through a number of shorter sessions at different times Online Focus Group Online Focus Groups are the counterpart of the webcam individual interviews.

In practice it has proved advisable to limit individual webcam sessions to an hour at most, to maintain a concentrated working atmosphere.

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The flexibility makes it easy to divide topics for an interview between two webcam sessions at different times.

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