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It commenced operations in 1980 as a partnership concern and as operations grew, was incorporated in the year 1987 under the name of ‘Gwalior Distillers Limited’. (GAPL) is the flagship company of the Bapuna Group.Gandhi enrolled him at the Maganwadi vocational centre for boys being run by J C Kumarappa.At the time of its installation, GAPL was the largest plant for producing grain based spirits in the country and was the first distillery in the state of Madhya Pradesh to produce grain based spirits. GAPL is presently the largest bottler of PRIPL products within India.Today, GAPL is the largest producer of spirit in Madhya Pradesh. The company has a long standing reputation in the industry for abiding by uncompromising levels of business ethics and providing quality products.

His reminiscences, titled 'Aa Pazhayakaalam' (Those Olden Days) makes interesting reading about the history of freedom struggle in a provincial town like Calicut.

Born in a well-to-do family in Pinarayi, Kannur district, Sri Rairu Nair was inspired by the freedom struggle and abandoned his studies at the age of 15.

He left home and landed up in Allahabad at the Anand Bhavan to meet Nehru.

He was directed from there to Wardha where he met Gandhi at the Sevagram.

Sri Rairu Nair, aged 92, has been a witness to history at the local and national level.


He has been associated with Gandhi, Nehru, Subhas Bose and other stalwarts at the national level and with AKG, EMS, Pinarayi Vijayan, Nayanar, CH Kanaran and others at the local level.

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