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Real time sex chat bot

Try asking me how I'm doing or what I'm working on. " Keith Brisson, CEO and cofounder of, says conversations are hard to program because computers still have a difficult time processing natural language.

"Computers aren't going to be like people anytime soon," said Brisson.

But I ran into a problem as soon as I got my first message: The bot didn't really serve a specific purpose. The plug-and-play software came pre-programmed with a few keyword responses, such as "Awh, shucks! " if someone messaged me "I love you." I added more replies so the bot would sound like me and hold a basic conversation about the stories I enjoy covering.

For example, if someone told the bot they were my friend, it would trigger this response: "Hello, friend!

What's goin on." Despite creating over two dozen more responses, I couldn't customize my bot to run smoothly.

My lack of coding skills and unclear focus meant that my bot was flawed from the start -- especially from Facebook's perspective.He says his company can help businesses build "conversational apps" by using AI, similar to what are trying to do.But I couldn't test because its product wasn't ready yet.For the past few days, I've been working with, a startup that helps businesses launch messaging services without needing a lot of technical knowledge.My coding experience is limited to the HTML I remember from building a Geo Cities site in middle school ... The Canadian startup provided me with code for a basic bot on Github and an easy way to plug that into various chat platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, Line, Zendesk and Slack.

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The company advises developers to design their bots with specific goals in mind: What actions should people take when using the bot?

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