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In Bollywood, decidedly one of the best mirrors of our general sexual hypocrisy, physical intimacy is something that is usually glorified and exaggerated right until the question of sex arises.

Recently, Homegrown decided to initiate this conversation with over 30 young couples in Mumbai, a city renowned for its lack of space and privacy across all classes.

We found that as in reel life, in real life too, there’s a flurry of abashed blushes and coy conversations when it comes to discussing sex, leaving a myriad questions that youngsters might have, unanswered.

In the survey we conducted, it became more than apparent that the youth may be opening up sexually, women especially, but they are constantly challenged with the insufficiency of space and the pressure of societal expectations.

As such, they are resorting to decidedly inventive means to find solutions to their problem.

Although this trend is slowly changing, cultural convictions remain largely unchanged and we are yet to see a truly realistic portrayal of pre-marital sexual relationships in India.

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