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Sexting and sex chatting no cc needed

Maybe it seems obvious, but we’re going to say it anyway: having fun together is a really important part of a healthy relationship!

Even if you love your partner, feeling unhappy or insecure on the regular in your relationship may be a sign that your relationship isn’t as healthy as it could be.

But what if we told you that love isn’t always enough of a reason to stay in a relationship? Don’t get us wrong: loving someone, or caring deeply for them, is an awesome thing, but it can also make stuff complicated.

In songs, movies, TV shows, books and magazines, we’re told that it’s the greatest thing in the world and that all you need is love.

We hear from many people who tell us about unhealthy behaviors or feeling unhappy in a relationship but say that they still love their partners.

It’s very possible to have feelings of love for someone even if they are mistreating you.

If you’re in a relationship and wondering if love is enough, try asking yourself these questions: You can love someone, but if you don’t trust them – or they don’t trust you – then the relationship won’t be healthy.Trust is a building block of a healthy relationship, and without it, jealousy and insecurity can lead to unhealthy or even abusive behavior (and we know that jealousy does not = love! Being able to communicate openly with your partner about anything without feeling fearful of how they’ll respond is so important in a healthy relationship.Even if you bring up a difficult topic or disagree about something, that shouldn’t lead to screaming, name calling or any sort of physical confrontation.You deserve to feel safe talking to the person you love.Love can be a great feeling, but it’s important to recognize that love is just one part of a whole.

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There are a few other crucial ingredients to having a solid, healthy relationship.

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