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Here's what my form looks like: While you still have your hand on the mouse, we'll need a reference to System. That can easily be done by right clicking "Reference" in the Solution Explorer and selecting "Add Reference." In the . Here's how the applications looks on the machine I tested, one that has a single hard-drive and a memory stick plugged in.

All the storage drives that are not optical removable media are sure to be retrieved by the WMI query in this application, for as long as they show up in the Computer window at least.It doesn't get any easier than this, and using WMI you can get a lot of other information just as easy.Download this project (Visual Studio 2005) In order to get a list of all the disk drives available on the current machine, the .NET Framework won't be enough, and so we'll have to run a WMI query.They will display all of the fields that WMI gives to us, or almost all.

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I'm not going to enumerate all the labels here since it's easy enough for you to figure them out from the code. Switch to code view and add the following You're now ready to compile.