The pregnancy dating dilemma

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The pregnancy dating dilemma

Read on to find real-world solutions to your most pressing problems.Dilemma: I work full-time and spend my non-working hours running kids to and from practices and games and trying to fit in basic errands.) and instead do something around the neighborhood."The point is to talk, connect, and make lots of good eye contact," Dr. Dilemma: Now that I'm the sole breadwinner, I'm constantly stressed about making ends meet.Shorter activities, such as playing a card game or coloring a picture, can take just a few minutes of your time while building a bond with your child. D., a licensed clinical psychologist in Los Angeles, recommends designating family time each week."Have your kids help give the time a name like Fun Club," Dr. Choose non-electronic activities (no cell phones-this means you too!Single parents wear lots of different hats: chef and chauffeur, breadwinner and bread buyer.

Solution: "Focus on quality over quantity, says Kate Roberts, Ph."Admit to your kids that you need to tighten the belt a little, now that there's less money coming into the home." Make a point to do fun family activities that don't cost a lot--or any--money.D., licensed psychologist and family therapist in the Boston area."Choose two to three points of time during the day to connect with your kids such as at breakfast, dinner, and tuck-in." You don't need to play dolls or kick the soccer ball around for an hour.Solution: "This can be a great opportunity to teach your kids to value simple pleasures in life over material things," says Carole Lieberman, M.

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D., a psychiatrist and author in Beverly Hills, California.