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Thedatingtomarriageblueprint com

Call to mind all the ways you felt unloved and invisible in your previous relationship and use that data to behave different with your new lover.Teach yourself to live in the moment, appreciating what you have right now without worrying about an eventual disaster which will probably never arrive.When panic arrives at 3am, whisper to yourself, “My past has no influence on my current or future life. I let it go.” Forgive your ex-partner for being a dick. Forgive your mother for saying, “I told you so.” Most of all, forgive yourself.When we move on to a new relationship, we bring with us a truck load of heavy baggage.And as our new relationship turns into something long-term, the doubts begin to creep in.

Even though you have had terrible experiences in the past, there is no reason to expect the same thing in the future.

Our destiny isn’t written in the stars — and if it was, it would be handwritten with twinkling points of pleasure and joy.

But in spite of that, here I am coming up on six years in my second significant relationship.

Here are some of the things I have learned about how to navigate the terrain between a disastrous relationship and a delightful one.

ome folk leave their marriage or long-term relationship with elegance and grace.

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