Tips for dating a transman

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“Such a Black man.” It has become a catchphrase around my house.Guaranteed to elicit an amused (and possibly annoyed) eyeroll from my partner.And (I guess this is the kicker) when we met in our staunchly Catholic high school over a decade ago, he was a girl.He was also my laid-back butch best friend I couldn’t stop thinking about when I kissed my boyfriend.

We giddily queered-up our Drama Club performances to culturally-sheltered teenagers who wouldn’t recognize queer if the Gay Pride Parade marched in front of them.

We identified with Willow and Tara, which I think says it all. When he made the physical transition, it was not all that surprising to me—he was never really comfortable in a woman’s body.

And he had long been identifying as “genderqueer” in LGBTQ spaces.

This seemed like the logical next step, and I was happy for him.

But that’s easy to say because we weren’t in a monogamous domestic partnership (complete with the gentrified-Brooklyn condo and standard lesbian cats) back then.

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Even three years ago, it seemed like our story had forever to unfold.

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