Updating coolsat 6000 mpeg files

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After the MPEG has been updated, the NX602 will automatically restart.Do not interrupt the power of the NX602 while the update is in progress.Remember to record all the “Settings” prior to performing the update process as, after the update, the settings will be reset to the factory default.The files are zip-compressed and you will need to unzip them onto your PC prior to copying the files to the blank USB memory device.NX602_1) Copy two files listed below to the blank USB memory device. 3) Insert the USB memory device into the USB pigtail, then power up the NX602. Note: Do not unplug, disconnect or power off the NX602 until the update has been completed.With its PVR capabilities, the Coolsat 7100 is clearly the leader of the coolsat receivers.This unit is very easy to use and powered with more power plus speed then any other Coolsat receiver.

Coolsat proudly introduces to you the Time Machine, the Coolsat 7100 Micro PVR.

This state of the art receiver is by far the best and most powerful coolsat model.

For a couple of months, I have not been able to create a thumbnail for mpeg files created from Premier Pro. I've just tried resetting the cache, and now have no mpeg file thumbnails at all... Selecting "Purge Cache for Selection" has no effect.

Includes NX602 Update (06/06/2013) •ID3-tag display Estimated Update Time:10 minutes Introduction Please download and print this NX602 Software Update procedure prior to downloading and installing this software update. If the software version on your device matches the versions listed in step “3.

Requirements •A Windows PC with an internet connection and a Zip/Unzip program installed into it.

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( •A blank USB memory device with 256MByte or greater of memory. 1) Download the “NX602_mpeg.zip” file and save it to your computers desktop.