Updating mobileme calendar pros and cons of dating online

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The functionally to publish to a private server is still there, albeit not as obvious as before.

Anyway, here’s what you need to do to in i Cal to restore the publishing.

In addition, other people can easily subscribe to calendars by clicking a link on the web page.

I started using it in February 2007 before I had a Mobile Me account to publish two public calendars for two associations I’m involved with, and several private calendars for use by family members.

Longtime Mobile Me members have until now been able to put off updating and continue with the old service.

On 5 May, however, all users will have to upgrade, otherwise calendars will not display in Mobile Me.

I updated a few days ago and everything seemed to be working OK.

Events I entered into i Cal on my Mac were automatically sync’d to Mobile Me and could be viewed on my i Phone, i Pad and Mobile Me almost instantly.

Likewise, edits made to a calendar on my i Phone were pushed up to the Mobile Me cloud and i Cal on my Mac was updated a few seconds later.

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The calendar data is uploaded to your web server and a Calendar Published confirmation dialog box appears, stating the URL where you can subscribe to the published calendar.

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