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Updating sources list

When you call the Remove or Remove At method, the row is removed immediately.

The Data Set instance is the Data Set that contains the changes that have been made, and the Data Table identifies the table from which to retrieve the changes.

You must explicitly set the commands before calling Update.

If Update is called and the appropriate command does not exist for a particular update (for example, no Delete Command for deleted rows), an exception is thrown.

If you are using SQL Server stored procedures to edit or delete data using a Data Adapter, make sure that you do not use SET NOCOUNT ON in the stored procedure definition.

This causes the rows affected count returned to be zero, which the Data Adapter interprets as a concurrency conflict.

The Update method of the Data Adapter is called to resolve changes from a Data Set back to the data source.

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The Update method, like the Fill method, takes as arguments an instance of a Data Set, and an optional Data Table object or Data Table name.

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