Updating web content on the iseries

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Updating web content on the iseries

Do DBU.com/documentation/and you would want to start at page 81.DBU Audit gives administrators control over their databases by allowing them to track and monitor any modifications that have been made to any System i database using DBU.DBU remote database (RDB) supports access to My SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 database and others. DBURDBCFG is the command that will get you to the screen to setup connections.Here is the link to the documentation on ithttps://DBU Web allows programmers and non-programmers alike to view business-sensitive data from any network-connected device.Access the full functionality of DBU from a sleek, intuitive, and user-friendly graphical interface from your favorite web browser.

DBU Web installation files are now included in our DBU download. Access cross-platform real-time data on remote systems using one interface.

DBU Audit works by journaling all adds, changes, deletes, reactivation of deleted records and viewing of sensitive data made by users through DBU to a standalone IBM journal.

Access your data via green-screen, RDi or web interface. Visit our DBU Server technical page for more information.

Contact our customer service team at 800.228.6318 or [email protected] more information!

DBU RDi installation files are now included in our DBU download.

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