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But those keeping up with the times know that she’s since traded in the young, shy role for her big girl pumps, bringing a dash of sass and a fistful of funny to BET’s refreshing .

Robert Adamson: Charles is an army brat and he just moved into the neighborhood. Charles, being in the position that he is in, feels like an outsider, he always is, and he doesn't really develop relationships that easily, but he sees something in her and pursues her. A.: The fun thing about playing Charles is that he's still in high school andhe's growing and learning, but he's not like how I was in high school. When I was growing up and watching shows like this I'd see characters and I'd see myself in their shoes, and now it's interesting being on the opposite end. He may be embarrassed or a little scared but he still does it. I played sports and stuff like that, but I was kind of shy until I let go and I wasn't. But what I notice about the show is that it's a middle-class American family that a broad audience can relate to. I had ridiculous stage fright and I was just trying toget rid of it.I didn't start until later, but it's something that I really enjoy. , where she portrayed the timid, teenaged Cassandra “Cassie” Sutton.It's his first day of school and I immediately notice Cassie, Erica Hubbard's character. He's into cars, and right now he's just starting to become part of Cassie'sfamily. I'm kind ofinterested to see how other people relate to him. Life is not easy, and it's the same for Eddie and his family. But as the publicity for the show has gone around and they've been seeing the progression of the show, they've started to throw me a little more support. I was hoping they'd give me some part on the side, but theycast me as Othello. But after doing it I fell inlove with the whole process.He's a cop and he's got it rough, and he doesn't make it any easier by moving into a rougher neighborhood, but he takes it upon himself. I ended up going to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and doing some more theater.

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Not only is she guaranteed to speak her mind, but Ms.