Who is jennifer aniston currently dating

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She knows how much Courteney loves Johnny and worries she’s let the pressure of a wedding ruin what they have.

Aniston has spoken in recent months about having children, but she is not pregnant yet either.

From the moment we first read David Lowery’s script, we knew ‘The Yellow Birds’ was a film that we wanted to make.” Despite her busy work schedule, Jennifer Aniston has time for her family and friends, especially her new husband, Justin Theroux.

Theroux recently set up an Instagram account, and even though Aniston refuses to get one, he is posting enough photos for the both of them.

They have been engaged since 2012, but they are not rushing down the aisle just yet.

Not only did she marry the handsome Justin Theroux, but she also worked a steady schedule.

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However, one of her projects appears to be on hold at the moment. We just had a meeting with the studio last week and we are waiting for it to be officially greenlit.

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