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Who is jose ron dating

Joining Livia and José Ron are Isela Vega, Nailea Norvind, Fernando Allende, Salvador Pineda and Ricardo Rocha.It also includes José Pablo Minor, Eleazar Gomez, Raquel Garza, Maribel Guardia, Jessica Coch, Mimi Morales and many more, with a special appearance by Ricardo Blume.

A little while before, Mario had asked an old acquaintance, Vittorio Dragone, who lives in Mexico, to help his daughters when he was gone.

The response doesn´t take long since Vittorio sends help to the Bianchi’s sisters, and later on, he makes Fiorella an incredible proposal: to become his wife.

Univision is premiering a new telenovela tonight, replacing "La Sombra Del Pasado." "Muchacha Italiana Viene A Casarse" stars Livia Brito and José Ron.

The couple of actors have been linked romantically after appearing in this production.

SYNOPSIS: Fiorella Bianchi is an Italian young girl who is very romantic and a day-dreamer; nevertheless, she has had to carry the responsibility of her family with her.

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As a child, she suffered the loss of her mother, so she had to take the role of her sister Gianna´s mother, who suffers from a heart disease.

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